Ujama is a Namibian entrepreneur with business interest in Mining, Renewable Energy, Hospitality Retail, Real Estate, Investments and Finance, Farming and Tourism. Her drive comes from her upbringing and the influence she received watching her late father work and make his dreams come true.

She is a disruptor who doesn’t play according to rules but is driven by effecting positive change in people’s lives, she believes people make you who you are and she wakes up every day and stays up coming up with ideas that can make a difference in people’s lives.

She is the Managing Director of Madawas Holdings Pty Ltd which is a legacy business and has an asset value of over N$150million, she is also a the Managing Director of Ke Nako Investments Pty Ltd which is a disruptive out fit and is the custodian of the first ever Namibian Diner owned by a black woman with the purpose of getting into Africa, Wing It Diner, Ke Nako Investments Pty Ltd will be adding a new product chain in July 2018 which will also be first ever exclusively NaMexican cuisine, which is a fusion of Namibian and Mexican cuisines, as the name rightfully suggest, the business and growth are positioning the Ke Nako Brands to expand into Africa by late 2019 and the world by 2021.

In addition to all that Ujama is the CEO of Good Women Good Business which is a Venture Capital Vehicle that is solely focuses on influencing positive growth in the women of Namibia, she believes that if you enable purpose in a woman you unlock power that changes society.

You can follow Ujama on Facebook and Instagram to find out more on how you can get involved in Good Women Good Business.

Outside the business circles, Ujama is mother to her two angels Kahewa and Muta, a daughter, a sister, a best friend, a social philanthropist and mostly of a woman of faith.