Jonathan holds a masters degree MSC in ‘International Cooperation, Sustainable Emergency Architecture’ in 2010. In this field he has worked on housing and development projects alongside ‘Habitat for Humanity’ in Costa Rica, ‘UNESCO’ in Cuba and with ‘Basic Initiative’ in Tunisia and in conjunction with ‘UN Habitat’ in Barcelona. For the past 6 years he has been engaged with projects at multiple scales that aim to democratise access to technology and encourage local manufacturing through education. His writing on “Geographic referencing for Technology Transfer” was published in the book “Reflections on Development and Cooperation” in 2011 and deals with distributed manufacturing and the information economy. 

Jonathan setup and coordinated the Green Fabrication Laboratory, IAAC Valldaura Campus in Barcelona over the past 4 years. He engaged the ‘Fab Academy’ and ‘How to Grow almost Anything’ branches of the distributed education systems through MIT and Stanford universities at the Green Fab Lab in Barcelona. He is a co-founder of the Open Source Beehives network ‘OSBH’ and the Zero Series circular economy and design almanac workshops at Valldaura.  He is currently an independent researcher and designer for modern intermediate technology networks.