A veteran of 16 years in the Silicon Valley, numerous IT startups and even major Fortune 50 companies, over his career in software, Mr. Zavatone has worked with many industry leaders and technologies before his tenure as a Mobile Development lead advising executives for companies in America.

During the past seven years, Mr. Zavatone has lead iOS development on applications from inception to delivery for both multinational companies and startups, turned around faltering technology deployments to successful products enabling profitability and job creation among innovative new product categories.
Prior to mobile software (focusing on iOS), Mr. Zavatone had the good fortune to work next to and learn from visionaries who later ended up at leading roles in Apple, Adobe, Verizon, Chase Bank, Barclays, Slack, Atlassian, Brillioun Energy, Pixar, Microsoft and more.  Living as part of the Silicon Valley during the multimedia revolution of the 1990s, Alex was able to work alongside the people who wrote the software implementations of video, audio and multimedia technology and established the businesses that created the Internet as we know it today.
Transitioning from the Silicon Valley, the late 2000s provided the chance for him to join Verizon as part of the team that created the world’s first fiber optic cable TV network, Verizon’s FiOS TV, where he filed for and was awarded 9 US patents and developed key technology saving the company nearly a million dollars and months of advantage in time to market.
His most recent engagement in mobile software development was responsible for shepherding the turnaround of an ailing mobile notification product, which when completed, allowed the company to advance from US $25M yearly in sales to $105M yearly in sales within two years.
With Namibia always in his heart, and with help from UNSW, Australia, Dassault Systemés North America, various other donors and hard work, Alex has been able to organize multiple computer and software donations to UNAM, Leevi Hakusembe SS, the Namibian Ministry of Education, NUST’s Mobile Lab and even the beloved FABlab Namibia.  If he were to have a dream, it would be to aid in bringing jobs to Namibians and making Namibia and Southern Africa an IT outsourcing destination for the entire world.
While temperatures in the American south hover near 40°C, Mr. Zavatone looks forward to a Namibian winter and seeing you all in Windhoek at the conference in June.