International Manager, Robo Done, Youmemiru Co. Osaka, Japan.

Alberto is the International Manager of the Japanese robot programming franchise “Robo Done” and always working on the expansion of the company worldwide.
Robo Done has been selected by several media, including the JETRO program, as one of the most promising start ups in Japan and since last year, Robo Done has expanded to Thailand, Hong Kong, Russia, and Ireland, with future openings in Pakistan and Namibia.

Alberto graduated in Kyoto University, in economics and started working in Japan and Spain. Alberto is a specialist in digital and international promotion as well as international business development, Alberto has worked on several industries such as gaming, education and finances in which is helping businesses to enter into new markets. Always working on an international enviroment with international teams, Alberto manages international strategies into worldwide markets as well as creating new business models to adapt products to the needs of every country.
He loves all the new technology and in his career, he has work with AR, VR, robotics and any tool that can bring us a better and more interesting future.
Alberto speaks Spanish, English and Japanese. He loves fitness and even has license as an instructor of Les Mills © Body Combat.