Open Source Beehives

Speaker on Day 1 of the upcoming Festival, Jonathan Minchin, is a co-founder of “OSBH’ among many other interesting things. Here is some more info:

click the link to navigate to their homepage and find out more

OSBeehives is on a mission to technify the beekeeping industry by building a global network of beekeepers and identifying causes and solutions for colony health deterioration. This mission is founded on the principles of citizen science, open data, and collaboration between beekeepers.

Our integrated hardware and software solutions make use of the latest deep neural network and digital signal processing technologies applied to beehive audio recordings and sensor measurements with the goal of detecting possible hive health problems. All of this can be done remotely and automatically, letting beekeepers know that something is going wrong so they can intervene and possibly save the colony. For example, colonies that are about to swarm have unique audio signatures and temperature changes that we can identify before the swarm itself occurs, giving the beekeeper a chance to capture the swarm or stop it entirely.

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