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Patrick Sam

Patrick Sam is a proud Namibian leader, born and raised in Katutura. As a Fulbright scholar, he completed an MA in International Education Development, specializing in […]


Willem Baartman

Internationally experienced in the Oil and Gas, Automotive, Transport, Environmental and Food production sectors. Held positions in Project Management, Sales, Strategic Management, Marketing & advertising, Business […]


Ujama Mushimba

Ujama is a Namibian entrepreneur with business interest in Mining, Renewable Energy, Hospitality Retail, Real Estate, Investments and Finance, Farming and Tourism. Her drive comes from […]


This is Namibia!

Thanks to @rufusblackwell for this stunning feature on your experience in our beautiful country!


Lize Ehlers

Lize Ehlers is an acclaimed Namibian singer, actress, poet, mc, facilitator, tv personality, puppeteer, musical director, producer, mentor, agent & is the Founder & Director of […]


Lisa-Marie Fassl

Active for several years in the Austrian startup community, Lisa has been able to contribute to several initiatives and get to know the ecosystem from different […]


Sandra Mwiihangele

Kiyomisandz® Beauty Products is a registered cosmetic manufacturing company in Namibia. It was officially founded in 2015 by cosmetic chemist and owner Sandra Mwiihangele. In 2012, […]


Ndiitah Nghipondoka-Robiati

Ms  Ndiitah Nghipondoka-Robiati is the chief executive officer at the Namibia Trade Forum.  She received her BSc and MA from the University of Namibia and the […]


Christo Thekkel

Christo is the Founder & CEO of Eikyo, an advisory firm, focused on mobilising impact investments into emerging hubs and businesses across Europe and Asia. In […]

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